Diapers on Diapers. Donate to the Second Annual Capitol Hill Diaper Drive

Do you know how many diapers the average baby needs per month? Typically over 330, that’s about 11 a day bringing the grand total to $120. For a family with a newborn baby, the added expenses of diapers can be extremely overwhelming. At DC Diaper Bank, we strive to help reduce this stress and encourage healthy diaper practices. Just think, what happens if a baby isn’t getting changed as much as he should be? The baby is likely to be fussier which will cause tension in a family that is already going through a huge period of transition.

By providing diapers for babies, we are alleviating families of the stress of having to find the resources to provide enough clean diapers for their baby. How do we collect all the diapers? Well, on top of individual donations, we host diaper drives throughout the year! Yesterday marked the beginning of a two-week diaper drive ending on September 22. This is a great opportunity for families looking to help other families in need. Maybe you have some extra diapers. Maybe you can grab a box or two next time you are at the store. Even a single box can make the biggest difference.

So how can you give? It’s simple! The Second Annual Capitol Hill Diaper Drop to benefit the DC Diaper Bank is happening now. We are collecting diapers at the following locations:

Metro Mutts (508 H St NE)

Playseum (545 8th St SE)

ShawaFel (1322 H St NE)

On top of helping out a great cause, donors will also receive a special treat from each collection center. ShawaFel is offering 10% off any meal purchase. Metro Mutts will give a 15% discount (excluding food and front line). The Playseum will provide a bubble bath-making activity and a free bottle of bubble bath to take home. So stop by today with a box of diapers. We are really excited for all the support that has already been shown!

2 Responses to “Diapers on Diapers. Donate to the Second Annual Capitol Hill Diaper Drive”

  1. Linda Hafer

    Do you also collect cloth diapers, so families can be set up with all the diapers needed from the start?

    • ccannon

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for reaching out about helping families! While cloth diapers may save money in the long term, they require an initial investment of money and time that many low-income families can’t afford. To use cloth diapers a family must either hire a diaper service at a monthly charge or have reliable access to laundry facilities. Most Laundromats prohibit the washing of cloth diapers in their machines for sanitary reasons. The majority of daycare centers only accepts disposable diapers and do not accept cloth diapers. A child being turned away from a daycare center can mean a day of missed work for a parent and a cut to their already low income. We are looking into the possibility of offering cloth with some of residential partners. Please get in touch if you’d like to help with this effort – info@dcdiaperbank.org. thanks!