Diaper Distribution Network

The DC Diaper Bank provides diapers to social service organizations that are already helping families in need through comprehensive programs and services.  As of October 2015 there are 30 organizations in the Diaper Distribution Network and growing each month.  Collectively, the Distribution Network works to get an average of 150,000 diapers and other hygiene items to 4,00 families each month in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Since we began we’ve distributed over 4 million diapers!

DC Diaper Bank has found that distributing diapers in this way ensures they reach those who need them most. It also provides partnering organizations a resource – diapers – they are not normally able to provide, increasing the services they can offer. By working with organizations that are already well established in the community and currently working with families in need, the DC Diaper Bank ensures that the diapers collected are distributed to infants and babies in the most efficient and timely manner. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Diaper Distribution Partner please contact


The Baby Pantry: Food & Other Essentials

While diapers and wipes are always our most needed items, our  families often struggle with other essentials to help their babies thrive. The Baby Pantry, begun in July 2013, is a registered food pantry through Montgomery County, Maryland and provides food, formula, breastfeeding supplies, bottles and pacifiers, adult hygiene items, baby hygiene items, adult diapers, tampons and pads, and potty training supplies to families in need. Please see the complete list of items we accept.

To date The Baby Pantry has provided over 5000 pounds of powdered baby formula, 2500 pounds of baby food, 6000 pounds of wipes, and over 800 pounds of baby hygiene supplies.  Collectively these items represent $250,000 worth of items donated to some of our most vulnerable families.

Help us by spreading the word to others (here’s a Baby Pantry Flyer to help!) and donating items. Please only donate items that you would feel comfortable giving to a friend or family member or, of course, your own baby!  Items can be dropped at any of our Ambassador Locations or our Warehouse.  If you have a question about a donation please contact


The Monthly

The Monthly seeks to further address the basic needs of women and girls in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  After hearing time and again that many families receiving our diapers also struggle to have enough pads and tampons, this program was launched to get period products to the people who need them most.

We receive menstrual hygiene products from a diverse group of generous donors.  By hosting period product drives, giving dollars or products, or leading a group of recurring donors, people from all over the DC area help ensure that those in need can feel clean, comfortable, and confident every day of the month.  Pads and tampons are distributed through the Diaper Bank’s existing network of partner organizations.  In 2016, the first full year that DCDB offered these items, we saw nearly 1,300 pounds of period products go out the door of our warehouse to those in need! Learn more about the Monthly and how to contribute by clicking here or emailing

Ambassador Program

The DC Diaper Bank Ambassador program is 100+ individuals and businesses who have opened up their homes and their shops to collect donations for DCDB and spread the word about our work in their communities.

DC Diaper Bank Ambassadors help secure much needed diapers by serving as a drop off location neighborhoods throughout the region.  Thanks to these folks, families from Gaithersburg to Fairfax, Adams Morgan to Arlington, Wheaton to Capitol Hill, and 100+ spots in between have an easy way to donate their unused, clean diapers. In addition, DCDB Ambassadors help spread the word of this important work by sharing DCDB’s mission with local mom groups, list serves, schools, etc.

To learn more about the Ambassador Program visit the Get Involved Section. To learn where you can donate diapers throughout the region see our full list of Ambassador locations.